Negative vs Positive Ideologies

I can’t deny the fact that as a species, we have thrived only because of our ideologies. But at the same time, I can’t help realize that all the reasons I exist today and am capable of thinking and able to write this are a consequence of positive ideologies like communication and language and free flow of information and knowledge in societies and writing and standing on the shoulder of giants, which helps us store processed information and not have to start from scratch with every life or rely on evolution of genetic ideologies in nature.

But at the same time there are negative ideologies like war and fear of change and of unknown which might have been positive ideologies in the distant past when evolution was still guided by the survival of the fittest. But in today’s world everyone can survive and thrive thanks to the positive ideologies that have made us the masters of the universe. In such a time and place, there is no place for negative ideologies.


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